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Insurance420- Growers Insurance: How We Got Started

Cannabis usage is surging in popularity due to nationwide relaxations in criminalization. But even though  this increase in popularity has created opportunity for entrepreneurs, businesses are finding themselves in tough insurance-related situations. Many insurance companies are hesitant to provide coverage for cannabis producers, but Insurance420 is not one such example. We find you the best coverage that is specialized to the industry you help to develop, and we will continue to work with you to help you create the business of your dreams.

We are an insurance agency dedicated to providing the best insurance coverage and service to operators in the cannabis industry. We understand how difficult it is to find proper coverage from knowledgeable professionals in the industry, which is why we focus on becoming the industry leader in cannabis insurance.

We are a partner of Contractors Liability, which is a contractor’s insurance company that also focuses heavily on specialized insurance plans for specific types of businesses. We have many years of experience in the insurance agency and we boast familiarity with providing customized coverage based on the current state of your industry. We work with insurance providers to find the coverage that meets your needs for the best cost, and we always will.

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