Business Auto Insurance

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Does commercial auto insurance cover vehicles both commercial and personal?

There are different auto insurance packages out there, and many available business packages can provide coverage for both company and personal cars. Choosing a coverage that works for you is based on personal preference. For more information, contact Insurance420 and we can help you decide what best fit will be for your company.

Can my personal auto policy cover any accident I have?

Personal auto policies are great (and required), but their coverage reaches its limit any time you or a third party utilizes that vehicle for business purposes. Therefore, businesses should have alternate coverage specifically for commercial auto. While accidents are not always your fault, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to potential coverage.

How can I get the best rate on my business auto insurance package?

nsurance420 is committed to getting your company the best rate possible. Any package that we provide your business is determined by several factors. We determine these factors after to getting to know your company, what it does, and its future goals. From there, we figure out packages and offers that have your best interests in mind. Let us help you put your business auto insurance worries to rest today with a free quote.

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What is Business Auto Insurance?

The question you may be asking is, “Why would I need an auto insurance package if I’m not a delivery service?” Anyone who does any sort of driving for your company falls at risk, even if it’s transporting supplies from one area to another. Even a simple accident by an employee on the way to represent your product at a convention could result in fines and expenses that could leave your company vulnerable to competition. Therefore, it’s always best to have your employees’ backs when it comes time for them to do driving for your company. Business auto insurance packages can allow you to do this.