Worker's Compensation For Cannabis Insurance

What is workers compensation insurance for your cannabis business? Contact us today at Insurance420 for more inforamtion.

Does Worker’s Compensation Cover Third Parties?

Worker’s compensation is limited to your own employees and will only cover injuries and illnesses that your employees suffer. To cover harm done to clients and third parties, you will need another type of insurance, which can be done with the help of both general liability and product liability coverage.

What Else Does Worker’s Compensation Cover?

While it might not seem like something that happens a lot in the cannabis industry, worker’s compensation also covers an employee’s family in the case of a fatal work-related accident. It prevents family members from filing a wrongful death suit against your company, but it’s also the right thing to do should the circumstance ever happen.

Do I Need Worker’s Compensation?

It has varying requirements that are dependent upon the state you live in. However, Insurance420 believes that regardless of your state laws, it’s always worth having worker’s compensation for two reasons – to protect your employees in times of need as well as protecting yourself against any lawsuits.

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What is Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Most states have some sort of worker’s compensation requirements, even though they can differ drastically depending upon where you live. This unfortunately makes it difficult to navigate the legal requirements that surround the need to protect your employees. Many times, the hassle is enough to want to forego the whole process entirely. But if you do not have some sort of worker’s compensation in a state that requires it, severe legal fines could be in store for you.

But most employers do manage to work through it – after all, they want to keep their company’s greatest assets safe. Employees of cannabis-based shops are worth fighting for – they’re some of the most dedicated, skilled, passionate, and knowledgeable employees any business could have. That’s why Insurance420 is committed to helping your company provide the worker’s compensation your company is looking for.