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Many people think of the cannabis industry as simply farmers growing marijuana plants and dispensaries selling the products. In reality, the industry has four main sectors: cultivation, extraction and testing, retail sales, and ancillary roles that are essential to cannabis businesses. These four sectors come together to offer cannabis consumers safe, reliable products and the best information about those products, as well as marijuana in general.

In the cannabis cultivation field, people with extensive expertise in botany work to breed and produce classic cannabis strains that consumers have enjoyed for years, as well as exciting new ones. Many cannabis cultivators have degrees in areas such as plant science. Growing cannabis requires a deep understanding of traditional grow methods as well as keeping up on the latest in cannabis technology that has brought hydroponics, vertical growing, and automation to the industry.

Extraction and Testing
Once the cannabis is harvested and leaves the cultivation facility, its next stop is to undergo testing for pesticides, microbes, solvents, and other harmful ingredients. After it’s tested, some plant material is sent to be processed to make cannabis extracts such as oils, wax, and tinctures. Due to the stringent standards required of cannabis extraction laboratories, the resulting products are often used by medical marijuana patients who need precise and reliable dosing and an assurance that their products are free of contaminants.

Retail Sales
It’s the retail side of the marijuana industry that customers are most familiar with; this consists of dispensaries, their owners and management, and the staff that help guide customers in the right direction when looking for a specific strain or product. The most famous of all retail roles in the cannabis world is the budtender. They must be extremely knowledgeable about the effects of different marijuana strains as well as the impact of various consumption methods. Some medical marijuana dispensaries make it a point to hire staff that has pharmacy training in order to properly guide patients to the right strain and dose.

Ancillary Cannasure
This sector of the cannabis industry thrives on supporting the other three. Ancillary commerce in the marijuana world involves roles such as web design, product packaging, investing, consulting, marketing, and other media activities. People in this field may never actually touch a cannabis product, but their jobs are necessary to keep the other sectors running smoothly.

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