Equipment Coverage & Equipment Breakdown for Cannabis Industries

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Not all insurance policies are created equal. When it comes down to it, many insurance policies do not cover equipment, even if it is vital to the operation of a company. While those who conduct proper and continuous maintenance on their equipment sometimes neglect the possibility of equipment failure, most companies almost always neglect the possibility of loss due to theft or property damage. If many pieces of equipment are destroyed all at once, there’s no telling what the cost of replacing all that equipment might be.

Equipment Coverage

Some Examples of What’s Covered Under Equipment Coverage and Equipment Breakdown Coverage

  • Backhoes, Tillers, and other equipment used for large-scale agriculture
  • Small-scale agriculture equipment, like hand-tillers, watering systems, and raised beds
  • Pruning, fertilizing, and packaging equipment

These are only some of the things that are covered under equipment coverage. If these don’t apply to you, or if you simply need more information about the examples above, get in touch with Insurance420.

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What is the difference between equipment coverage and equipment breakdown insurance?

Equipment breakdown insurance covers your equipment if wear and tear takes its toll. Generally, this is used in companies that operate on a large scale and use a lot of mechanical tools. Equipment coverage covers the full replacement of equipment if it is stolen, damaged beyond repair, or destroyed.

Why might I need equipment coverage?

Equipment coverage ensures that your company never has to pay completely out of pocket for expensive repairs or for the outright cost of your equipment. Without equipment coverage, your downtime is often much lengthier, resulting in more extensive injury to your company.

How does equipment coverage work?

Equipment coverage works much in the same way that coverage of other business elements works. When you let your insurer know about the products you need covered, they’ll come up with a monthly estimate for you, and that’s that. If your equipment is destroyed, you need only to file a claim and you will be set to have the equipment replaced.