Cover your most valuable property assets with property insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our marijuana property insurance products and coverage.

What is Property Insurance?

Marijuana property insurance addresses some of the risks associated with running a business. It covers any damage done to your property, as well as the ensuing consequences of that damage. While it might seem that property insurance is a considerable investment to make, property damage happens often, especially in places with high public traffic.

You should never have to pay out of pocket for damage done to your company’s property. Insurance420 can cover your company if it sustains permanent damage that alters your ability to do business effectively.

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Property insurance as someone in the cannabis industry?

Insurance420 loves our cannabis providers, but not all insurance companies are equal in their love of the industry. It is important that you disclose to your insurance provider that you are a cannabis industry, otherwise you could be paying for property insurance that you can’t use when you need it.

Working with Insurance420 will ensure that your insurance provider knows that you are a proud provider of cannabis-related products and that you actually have the coverage you’re paying for, should theft or vandalism occur.

Why do I actually need property insurance?

Property damage is a common issue, especially in urban neighborhoods. Companies without property insurance often find themselves paying out of pocket whenever theft or vandalism strikes, and this can mean replacing thousands of dollars’ worth of products while being in a less advantageous position to solve your insurance problem. To avoid such a nightmare, opt for help from an insurance company that understands the cannabis industry like Insurance420.

How can I get the best rate on my marijuana property insurance package?

You can do a lot of things on your own, but property insurance rates are determined by a few factors that are out of your control, like any other form of insurance. Insurance420 works with cannabis-related companies to get a solid understanding of their current needs, as well as their future goals. After that’s done, we provide them with the services they need to feel that their property is secure from theft and vandalism.